Will Venvertloh

About Me

Hi! My name is Will Venvertloh and I am a Senior at Quincy Senior High School. I participate in band, and I am the section leader of the drumline. I am also a multi-sport athlete and love to compete in swimming and track. In my free time I like to 3D print, hoping to one day do it as a job in the engineering field. Although I plan on being an engineering major in college, I am also interested in entrepreneurship, and want to take this class to learn more about the world of business.






DISC Characteristics

  • You may be somewhat conservative in decision-making on important issues.
  • You prefer to deal with people and get results with and through them rather than by yourself.
  • You serve to stabilize others on a team who are perhaps too maverick.
  • You like to work in an environment that is very precise and more structured.