Alex Eckhardt

About Me

My name is Alex Eckhardt and I am a senior at Quincy Senior High school. At school, I play varsity soccer and football. I am a goalkeeper on the soccer team and a kicker for the football team. I am a footwear associate at Dicks sporting goods, which is great because one of my biggest hobbies is shoes. Some of my other hobbies are working out, cooking, and spending a lot of time with family and friends. My plans after high school are to hopefully get a scholarship through academics and football or soccer. I plan to run my own business in the future. I joined the Adams County CEO program to be exposed to successful people who have already made it into the business world who are willing to share their experiences to help us grow and be successful.

About My Business






DISC Characteristics

  • You may be somewhat conservative in decision-making on important issues.
  • You are very enthusiastic in working with others.
  • You are an excellent team player.
  • You prefer to act as your "own person" rather than follow the norm.